Vinyl Kettlebells 40 kg Active Gym

Main features

Active Gym Vinyl Kettlebells are at the top price. Iron Kettlebells are engraved with weight and logo and have a flat base for easy storage.

Vinyl Kettlebells 4kg – 40kg Active Gym 

Exercises with Vinyl Kettlebells 4kg – 40kg Active Gym offers a wide range of movement and greatly accelerate the pulse, which makes them not only force but also cardio loading. They are an excellent option for athletes who hate the treadmill and other cardio exercises. Diversifying your Vinyl Kettlebells Active Gym workouts, you increase your stamina and train the cardiovascular system. This type of exercise does not trigger a certain group of muscles, but the whole body. For example, with dumbbells, not only chest muscles and shoulders work, but all leg muscles and buttocks. Vinyl Kettlebells Active Gym helps to train the whole body evenly and to develop functional power.

Our brand new Vinyl Kettlebells are finished to the highest quality. The stylish matte finish and engraved weight and logo give the puffs an elegant look suitable for any facility.

  • Smooth single construction and no raised areas to achieve maximum comfort and performance
  • High quality matt powder coating
  • Designed with a flat base for easy storage and use
  • Perfectly balanced for accurate user usage
  • Variations: 4 kg / 6 kg / 8 kg / 10 kg / 12 kg / 14 kg / 16 kg / 18 kg / 20 kg / 24 kg / 28 kg / 32 kg / 36 kg / 40 kg

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