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Professional fitness equipment
Active Gym is the most progressive distributor of fitness equipment and accessories in Europe.

Active Gym started in 2010. Our experience over the years has proved that the layout of a sports club or fitness zone, the equipment’s positioning, its selection and the accessories that go with it, as
well as combining those suitably all have a huge impact on both ensuring a proper and effective workout, and generating high revenue for places of business.

You can count on our professionals who are ready to offer expert advice down to the tiniest detail when it comes to setting up, equipping and managing a fitness zone at your place of business. We can
offer guidance not only on fitness equipment but also on layout, proper combination in terms of your available space, arrangement, special flooring options, air conditioning, lighting and everything
else related to setting up your sports center.

High-tech fitness equipment

Active Gym’s design fitness machines and accessories are reasonably priced to allow a fully functional commercial fitness zone to be able to provide to achieve a complete and varied workout, saving time and money to visit expensive gyms.

By the end of 2019, Active Gym has fullу equipped more than 500 professional fitness and sports clubs, over 200 hotel gyms and thousands of homes.

High quality - reasonable cost

Active Gym guarantees high reliability of technology at a reasonable cost, completely replacing the need to visit professional fitness clubs. The series Gamma and Dual for home and office are the company’s new concept line, designed to save space, optimize the number of fitness equipment needed by combining them into multifunctional ones, and provide a modern design that satisfies even the most capricious tastes of the clients.

Active Gym devices work quietly and smoothly, they have a fine corps and are specifically designed to give maximum muscle strain with minimal effort. Designed to fit a variety of interior designs, they are the perfect home workout solution.


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