Vertical Dumbbell Rack Active Gym PRO

Main features

Vertical Dumbbell Rack Active Gym is at the top price. The Vertical Dumbbell Rack is suitable for all types of dumbbells and supports the organization of the training area.

Vertical Dumbbell Rack Active Gym Pro

Robust and sturdy Vertical Active Gym A-shaped Dumbbell Rack is designed to accommodate 20 dumbbells. It has two sides for storage, thanks to this construction are quite compact and comfortable and do not occupy much room in the gym. This Active Gym Vertical Rack for 10 pairs of dumbbells will keep your free weight area organized and clean. Vertical Dumbbell Rack is perfect for any form of dumbbells. Comfortable placement of 20 dumbbells that are easily accessible. Extremely robust and durable.


  • Vertical Dumbbell Rack allows you to store 28 dumbbells on a small area
  • Angled brackets prevent the dumbbell from slipping
  • The broad, sturdy base prevents the rack from falling
  • Keep the free weight area well organized and clean
  • Compact design provides comfort and convenience
  • The plastic caps prevent damage to the dumb handle
  • Dimensions: 52 cm x 42 cm
  • Positions for up to 14 pairs of dumbbells

*The dumbbells are not included.

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