Soft Foam Roller 60 cm Active Gym

Main features

Soft Foam Roller 60 cm Active Gym is at a good price. Soft Foam Roller 60 cm is suitable for heating and stamping and provides deeper muscle compression.

Soft Foam Roller 60 cm Active Gym 

Active Gym Soft Foam Roller is thick and has a stronger effect on overloaded and tired muscles and fascia, giving a toning effect. By using only the weight of your body and this Soft Foam Roller, you can give yourself a massage that is known as myofascial release.

Soft Foam Roller is known in pilates and is physiotherapy equipment actively used for group and individual classes. It helps trigger the so-called stabilizing muscles and the “dead” muscles on the back, which improves the body. This device helps to straighten the spine and to remove tension from it. The Soft Foam Roller complements the workout perfectly, helps strengthen the buttocks, the hips, back, and arms, creating extra balance to maintain balance.

Product information:

  • Perfect for removing pain, tension and muscle fatigue
  • Great for heating and dissipation
  • EVA / polyolefin blend – Waterproof and latex-free
  • Ideal for thick tissue or for deeper muscle compression
  • Dimensions: 60 cm x 15 cm

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