Kettlebells Rack 3 Tier Active Gym

Main features

A 3-tier Active Gym Kettlebells Rack is at a unique price. Kettlebells Rack 3 Tier keeps your training area organized and clean.

Kettlebells Rack 3 Tier Active Gym

Active Gym Kettlebell Rack will keep your training area organized, which will result in more enjoyable workout. Kettlebells Rack 3 Tier Active Gym is convenient and practical, designed for use in training halls and fitness centers. Can collect 11 kettlebells or balls placed horizontally and is the optimal option for clubs. It is made of high-quality materials in neutral color and keeps the training area comfortable and clean, allowing optimal organization of the useful space in the free weights area. Helps reduce room in the hall without losing functionality. It has a compact shape and superb capacity. Kettlebells Rack 3 Tier ensures reliable fitting of the accessories, ensuring that their perfect condition is maintained for a long time. It is provided with a wide, sturdy foundation that prevents the stand from falling.

  • Maintaining the training is well organized and clean
  • Conveniently supports 11 kettlebells or balls (medical balls, balls for bumping, wall balls, etc.)
  • 3 levels for easy access
  • Length: 77 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Height: 70 cm

* Kettlebells, balls or other accessories are not included in the rack!

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