Curve Treadmill Active Gym

Main features

Curve Treadmill Active Gym is at an attractive price. Curve Treadmill quickly accelerates after starting and moves at the same speed as the athlete.

Curve Treadmill Active Gym

Basic functions:

  • Increases working capacity

By working on the basic physical qualities, you will quickly increase your performance by developing power, speed, stamina, and agility. High-intensity training on Curve Treadmill Tech Pro is an effective way to maximize physical shape and burn fat.

  • Improves habits

It trains your ability to perform complex movements requiring good neuromuscular coordination. The procedures include a full set of basic moves that are growing in complexity to steadily improve performance in day-to-day motion.

  • Maximum safety

Achieve your goals by practicing the Curve Mechanical Treadmill Active Gym in complete safety thanks to its ergonomic design to help ensure that the body is properly positioned when performing any kind of exercise. Control your vital parameters during a high-intensity workout with the console in front of you, receiving real-time data.

  • Group workout

Group workout to improve productivity allowing visitors to fitness clubs specializing in high-intensity training to immerse themselves in the energetic atmosphere of professional classes under the guidance of a coach.

  • Training in small groups

Learning lessons in smaller groups take better account of individual needs, allowing professionals to conduct effective workouts in a motivating environment.

  • Double handle

The correct position in the folded and extended position is provided by the double handles designed for users of different height and body.

  • Training on the mechanical treadmill

The treadmill is driven and regulated by the trainer. It quickly accelerates after starting and moves at the same speed as the athlete. Accelerating, you move to the beginning of the runway, and slow down to the end. The absence of an engine means lower operating costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.


  • Module weight: 140 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 180 kg
  • Dimensions: 90 cm x 185 cm x 152 cm

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