Bar Pad Active Gym

Main features

Active Gym Bar Pad is at a great price. Bar Pad is made of high-quality foam.

Bar Pad Active Gym

Bar Pad Active Gym protects the neck and shoulders during training with bars. Allows you to increase the degree of comfort in performing various exercises. It is designed to prevent scratches, bruises, scratches at the points of contact of the bar with the skin. Bar Pad Active Gym is a close-up accessory that can help you train even with heavier weights. Thanks to the comfortable weight distribution on the whole body, the training process becomes a pleasant activity. Bar Pad Active Gym is made of high-quality foam, soft and acts as a silencer between the skin and muscles of the shoulders (middle and posterior deltoid muscles), the upper back (trapezoid) and the bar. Putting it on is easy by literally wrapping the bar and controlling its position.

Product information:

  • Material: High-quality foam
  • Size: 45 cm

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