Active Gym Speed Ladder

Main features

Active Gym Speed Ladder is at a premium price. A Speed Ladder improves the acceleration, the lateral speed makes its way.

Active Gym Speed Ladder

If you want to increase your speed, agility, coordination, balance, acceleration – qualities that are so important in a team sports, martial arts, athletics and fitness, the Active Gym Speed Ladder is sports equipment that you need! It is the best option for building speed and is widely used by athletes and coaches in football, basketball, volleyball and more. For leg swift workouttraining legs at varying pace and direction, dribbling, frequency. The Active Gym Speed Ladder can also be used for good performance and stretching of the joints before an intense workout. It works not only for large muscles but also for those that are close to the bone apparatus and form the basis of the locomotory system. They are the most difficult to train muscles because they are deep and can be triggered by a limited number of exercises. The Active Gym Speed Ladder is designed in a way that helps to improve body control and allows you to increase the speed of the feet, and in particular the feet and the reactions of the ankle muscles.

Description of the product:

  • The distance between the steps can be adjusted
  • The flat steps easily lie flat on the ground
  • The ground stakes for outdoor use keep the ladder in place
  • Improved acceleration, lateral speed, and direction change
  • Get more body control by improving flexibility
  • Adapt the training to sport-specific movements to improve muscle memory

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