Active Gym Slim Gym Gloves Fit Grip

Main features

Slim Gym Gloves Active Gym brand are at the top price. Slim Gym Gloves are in different colors and sizes S, M, L.

Slim Gym Gloves Active Gym

Active Gym Slim Gym Gloves are one of the most important fitness training items in the gym. If male hands can withstand fingers without wounds and sores, then the tender women's hands are just needed protective means.


Active Gym Slim Gym Gloves are just needed for comfortable work with sports inventory such as levers and dumbbells. They allow you to hold the lever tightly without ellipse, thus making your workout safe. Slim Gym Gloves help reduce the pressure of the treadmill on the palm. Thanks to them, it is possible to prevent the appearance of corns, scratches or bruises on the arm. Active Gym Slim Gym Gloves protect the wrists. Quite often, when weight increases, the joints suffer, especially if you do not stretch them well before training. Gloves fix the wrists naturally, thus protecting them from trauma. Another advantage is that they absorb moisture by making the workout comfortable. Last but not least, this accessory avoids contact with bacteria that anyway remain on the trainers after the many visitors who have practiced them. Active Gym Slim Gym Gloves will help you protect yourself by giving you a sense of cleanliness and convenience.

Material: 50% nylon, 40% polyester, 10% spandex

Color: Pink / Violet

Sizes: S / M / L

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