Active Gym Short Straight Bar

Main features

Short Straight Bar Active Gym is at an attractive price. Lat Bar Cable Attachment is great for biceps and triceps.

Short Straight Bar Active Gym

Short Straight Bar Active Gym is the most common version of a thrust bar in the training rooms. The simplicity of the construction and the rotatable ring for attachment to the machines allows for a number of exercises for biceps (folding: sitting), triceps (stretching, French press: sitting or lying down), back muscles (vertical, horizontal thrusts) and not only. The ergonomically designed handles ensure maximum comfort. They are ideally suited for creating and strengthening the arm muscles, shoulders and back. Training with the Short Straight Bar Active Gym allows you to use a wider range of motion with more muscles. Handles are made of anti-slip material, which saves the exercises.

Product information:

  • Great for biceps or triceps exercises
  • Textile rubber handles provide excellent grip
  • The rotary shaft provides the right shape
  • Handle diameter: 31 mm
  • Length: 53 cm

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