Active Gym Resistance Tubes 5 - 20 kg

Main features

Resistance Tubes 5 – 20 kg Active Gym are at a great price. Resistance Tubes are available in four sizes.

Resistance Tubes 5 – 20kg Active Gym 

Active Gym Resistance Tubes 5kg-20kg are suitable for strengthening different muscles. With their help can not only you can lose weight but also to do spirals health gymnastics. Exercises with Resistance Tubes 5kg-20kg Active Gym do not give up on the training of heavy simulators. An important advantage of training with them is that they can be used at home without having any sports habits.

Basic properties:

  • They remove tension from the muscles of the shoulder belt
  • They make the stomach flatter
  • They develop the chest muscles
  • With their help, you can get rid of the extra pounds
  • They tighten the muscles inside the thighs

Active Gym Resistance Tubes 5kg-20kg are an affordable and compact accessory that you can take during a walk, business trip. With their help keep the muscles in tune.

Product information:

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Stable and durable elastic
  • Length: 140 cm
  • Strength: 5 kg / 10 kg / 15 kg / 20 kg

* Do not overload or stretch too much, otherwise, there may occur damage and/or injuries.

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